How it works

Traditional process offers a brand-new alternative to the traditional method of home sales.Traditional ways of selling your home involve creating an error-free advertisement independently, or with the help of an expensive real estate agent.Then it requires you to wait until you receive either a direct or indirect request from your agent.In the best-case scenario, you have many inspections by strangers and eventually, someone will pursue and buys your home.However, this process may take weeks if not months leaving you living in uncertainty.

But how does it work with

We have cut the time of a home sales process down to less than a day, including a free evaluation!You can start with our online estimate valuation by entering the data into our valuation tool on our website. you can then schedule an appointment with one of our offer consultants who will visit you and evaluate your home in a process we themed “picks and ticks”.The information is uploaded onto the app and within 30 minutes you get an offer!It’s that EASY!