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SellAnyHome.com is the region's first and largest home buying service.We offer a FREE and instant online home valuation estimate, a FREE on-site 100-point check followed by a competitive offer.It is that simple!With sellanyhome.com sellers can get an offer in 30 minutes!

Skip the hassle of endless viewings, months of uncertainty and having to deal with over-promising and under-delivering agents.With SellAnyHome.com your experience will be like no other.From the moment you visit our website to get a FREE evaluation, to when our offer consultant visits you to execute the home check and provide you with an offer, SellAnyHome.com ensures a hassle-free process.It is that easy.

SellAnyHome.com is the easiest and fastest way to sell your home today!Omar Chihane, CEO and co-founder of SellAnyHome.com says that "Selling your home used to be a lengthy and convoluted process.The challenge starts by determining the price of your home, then continues with having to deal with time-wasting visitors that are only curious about the layout of your home and do not have any real intentions to buy, and finally, getting overly eager agents sometimes promising the world and under-delivering.SellAnyHome.com makes your home selling experience easy, helps you achieve the maximum value for your home and most importantly, do that VERY quickly!"

The process is very simple, if you want to sell your home, you go to our website, submit the basic information about your home (location, size, number of bedrooms etc.) in our online valuation tool, and then we issue an estimated value for your property.After you have received the value estimate, you are enabled to schedule a free home evaluation with one of our offer consultants.

Our offer consultant visits you at home and starts a process that we call picks and ticks, where our offer consultant executes a 100-point check on your home and captures all rooms by taking photos.He/she uploads all the information to our app and within a 30-minute window, an offer is generated!Once you accept the offer, we begin working with buyer to ensure a smooth transfer, It is that easy!The whole process is FREE, FAST and most importantly EASY.

Reviews & Testimonials
Christel, 52 It was very fast and I got a good price.The offer consultants were really kind and helpful.
Mona, 40 Due to need of immediate relocation - we needed to sell our house as fast as possible.From the visit on their website to signing the contracts, it took less than a week to sell our house.
Nabeel, 35 Selling a home is hassle-free and easy with SellAnyHome.com
Mo, 21 I have had a great experience with SellAnyHome.com and would return anytime my family needs to sell another property.
Markus, 38 Not even 24 hours between the online valuation and the on-site evaluation!The excellent and quick service surprised me.
Ehsan, 34 I needed to sell our apartment in Dubai Downtown.It took ages and caused a lot more trouble than needed with the many brokers that we were using.After finding out about SellAnyHome.com it took us less than a few days and we did not encounter any trouble.Absolutely recommend them.
Nezha, 50 I was sceptical at first whether an online valuation tool can calculate my homes real value.I was very impressed when I received a final offer that was higher than expected!My sale with SellAnyHome.com was easier than it would have been with the conventional brokers.
How it Works

Traditional process

SellAnyHome.com offers a brand-new alternative to the traditional method of home sales.Traditional ways of selling your home involve creating an error-free advertisement independently, or with the help of an expensive real estate agent.Then it requires you to wait until you receive either a direct or indirect request from your agent.In the best-case scenario, you have many inspections by strangers and eventually, someone will pursue and buys your home.However, this process may take weeks if not months leaving you living in uncertainty.

But how does it work with SellAnyHome.com?

We have cut the time of a home sales process down to less than a day, including a free evaluation!You can start with our online estimate valuation by entering the data into our valuation tool on our website. you can then schedule an appointment with one of our offer consultants who will visit you and evaluate your home in a process we themed “picks and ticks”.The information is uploaded onto the app and within 30 minutes you get an offer!It’s that EASY!

Frequently Asked Questions
What is SellAnyHome.com?

SellAnyHome.com is the latest way to sell your home fast.Whereas the traditional model lasts from weeks to months on average, SellAnyHome.com is committed to give you an offer within 30 minutes!.Our free home evaluations are done by our offer consultants.They ensure a fast, convenient, and reliable sale for your home at the best price.

How is selling to SellAnyHome.com different than selling the traditional way?

The average time of the sales process of a home ranges from weeks to months.We aim to provide the seller with a realistic offer within 30 minutes!.Our technology-driven algorithm combined with the extensive knowledge and experience of our real estate professionals, ensures a smooth sales process of your home.SellAnyHome.com removes the stressful tasks of trying to sell your home.

How is SellAnyHome.com different to a normal real estate agency?

- SellAnyHome.com offers :

- Instant estimate valuation online

- Offers within 30 minutes

- Hassle free transfer

How does the free valuation by SellAnyHome.com work?

The entire valuation service is free and fast.The first step includes our online valuation tool, that will present you a current approximate value for your home.You simply submit some basic information about your home in the tool and within less than 5 seconds, we general an approximate value.This data varies from district, size in square feet, or number of bedrooms.

What happens after I get an approximate cvalue on SellAnyHome.com?

After you get your approximate value, you can make an appointment with one of our offer consultants, who will visit you at a date of your choice.After a thorough 100-point check, the offer consultant uploads the information to our app and within 30 minutes you will receive a formal binding offer.

What type of home can I sell, and where?

SellAnyHome.com is currently only available in Dubai.However, within Dubai, we do not recognize any borders and are open for all types of homes in every area.Our large group of offer consultants and our use of technology enables us to operate in every district in Dubai.Whether you have a home in Downtown Burj Khalifa, International city, the palm or Dubai marina, SellAnyHome.com is the place to go to get a Fast, Free and Easy experience.

How do I book the free 100-point check?

Requesting an evaluation is very simple, just go to our website and find our online valuation tool on the homepage.You can submit all the data of your home into the tool, and you will receive your estimated target price.Then it allows you to make an appointment with one of our offer consultants.He/she will visit you to complete the home evaluation or as we call it the 100-point check.Immediately after the 100-point check, you will receive the actual offer for your home.

How long is the SellAnyHome.com offer valid?

Just like we give you an offer within 30 minutes, our offer is valid while we are at your premises.You will get information about how high the achievable price is after the evaluation.Then it is a deal or no-deal decision for you.This is 100% free with NO OBLIGATION.

How does SellAnyHome.com deal with modifications on my home?

Naturally, we would take renovations or other value adding features into account.We request you to prepare all the necessary documents about the alterations and present them to the offer consultant during the visit.

What costs occur when selling with SellAnyHome.com?

SellAnyHome.com is incredibly cost-effective compared to traditional real estate agencies.This is solely due to our high deal flow and our ability to scale using technology.The evaluation process, that happens online as well as at your physical home, are free of charge, and free of obligations.

How long does the selling process with SellAnyHome.com take?

We have reduced the length of the home sales process to only 30 minutes.We consider the traditional way of a week- or even month-long process on average to be long overdue, and are ready for change.

What happens if my home needs repairs?

When your home needs any serious repairs, we will take it into consideration when evaluating your home.The partners and investor pool will of course take that into account when making an offer.

How does the closing process work?

Once you have accepted the offer from our offer consultant, we will begin the transfer process and work with you along the way to ensure the process is as seemless as possible.

What happens to my home after I have sold it with SellAnyHome.com?

We are not in charge of what the buyer decides to do with your home.

How does my mortgage get paid off?

Once the contracts are signed, the buyer will transfer money to the bank through the registration trustee which is there to ensure all amounts due are paid to the relevant parties (If there is any profit left after the remaining mortgage is paid off, naturally that will be transferred to you, and you will be free to use it for anything up to your liking.

When do I need to move out of the house?

There is no set date that you will need to move out, and it will be determined in agreement with the buyer.

What happens to my appliances when I move out?

It is entirely up to you and the buyer, typically built in appliances are expected to be left behind, though again, its always a discussion with buyers.

Can I sell through SellAnyHome.com if I'm already working with an agent?

Yes you can.There are many forms of agreements you have with agents but typically such agreements do not prohibit you from selling a property.

What is a SellAnyHome.com offer consultant?

The SellAnyHome.com offer consultants are RERA certified real estate experts who will be on-site with you capturing your home data (picks and ticks) and will be the ones presenting you with the offer.

I want to sell my real estate investment.Is SellAnyHome.com the right partner?

SellAnyHome.com is the right place for you to sell your investment!We offer you a lot of flexibility.Timing is key to enjoy a profitable sale of your investment, and we are more than happy to assist you.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

It is in your best interest to always aim for the best price you can possibly get within a suitable timeframe. unfortunately, a far too common mistake made by home owners is to set the price for their home too high which usually then takes months before they realize their unrealistic price expectation.This subsequently forces them to lower it afterwards.This common situation negatively impacts and extends the sales process of your home.It also causes lost opportunities and increased costs for sales such as advertising and wasting time.

SellAnyHome.com offers a FREE online estimate valuation and a FREE 100-point home check as well as an offer within 30 minutes!A real estate sales cycle lasting several weeks or months is old news.SellAnyHome.com is your new, fast, and convenient home selling service that will find you a credible offer within 30 mninutes!

We have your best interests at heart every step of the way!

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

When you use our website SellAnyHome.com, we ask you for some personal contact information.We might record any video, audio, digital communication or interaction you might have with us.We may use your information to send you marketing material such as our newsletter, which you may unsubscribe at any point. Your personal information will be held and used, but will not be disclosed to any unauthorized person or body.Where appropriate, we may use such information in carrying out marketing activity, research activity or any activity as we deem fit. We may share information with carefully selected vendors and business partners with whom we work.This includes companies that offer affinity, frequent-user, and reward programs; and, companies that perform marketing services and other business operations not limited in its nature.We may provide aggregate statistics about our customers, sales, traffic patterns and related site information to reputable third party vendors.We may disclose Personal Information we collect from you if required to do so by law or in the good-faith belief that disclosure is necessary (a) to obey the law or comply with legal process served on us or our affiliates; (b) to protect and defend our rights or property or the rights or property of other users of our Site; or (c) to act in an emergency to protect the personal safety of users of our Site or the public.We may disclose your detailed house information to registered business partners, traders, wholesalers, the general public, or any other entity or platform, including offline and online, we see fit to globally and publicly advertise and facilitate a purchase or sale or any other commercial activity. Sometimes we may drop cookies on your computer after visiting our website to deliver personalized adverts while you browse the internet.

What are cookies?

Like the majority of sites on the internet our site uses cookies.We collect internet log information and details of visitor behavior patterns through the use of these cookies when you visit https://www.SellAnyHome.com.We collect this information anonymously so you cannot be identified and to get the most from our site you will need to have cookies enabled. We do also have relationships with monitored third party suppliers that may also set cookies during your visit to be used for remarketing purposes.

What is a cookie exactly?

A HTTP cookie is a small piece of data that can be stored by your computer's hard drive.It allows the site you are visiting to work more efficiently by providing information to the owner of the site.Based on this anonymous information we are then able to note the areas that may need improving and thereby improve your satisfaction with our website. Cookies do not contain confidential or personal information about you, such as your address, telephone number or credit card details. Cookies also utilize details of your valuation in order to serve relevant targeted advertisements from selected third party remarketing suppliers when visiting other websites.

Managing Cookies

By using our site you accept that we will drop cookies on your machine. Cookies are fairly easy to manage, if cookies aren't enabled on your computer, it will mean that your experience on our website will be limited and you may not be able to use certain sections as they were intended to be used, such as the valuation engine. Consent To Processing Globally. By providing any Personal Information to SellAnyHome.com, all users, including, without limitation, users in the Middle East countries and Globally, fully understand and unambiguously consent to this Privacy Policy and to the transfer of such Personal Information across international borders in accordance with SellAnyHome.com standard operations, including the collection, storage, and processing of such information globally. Sell Any Home FZ LLC is located at Creative Tower, PO Box 4422, Fujairah, United Arab Emirates.Our email address is info@sellanyhome.com. If you would like to unsubscribe from our emails, please follow the link that is displayed at the bottom of any email that you have received from us.


The Web is an evolving medium.If we decide to change this Privacy Statement at some point in the future, we'll post the changes here and update the reference to the effective date to reflect the date of the amendment.By using our Service on or after the effective date of any such amendment, you agree that your use, and any dispute over privacy, is governed by this Privacy Statement, as amended. This privacy policy was last updated on 05.08.2017.

SellAnyHome.com is a site operated by Sell Any Home FZ LLC, (license number 11296/2017) incorporated in the Fujairah, 17th and 18th Floor, Creative Tower, Fujairah, United Arab Emirates, PO Box 4422, Phone:+97142404023

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


SellAnyHome.com is a site operated by Sell Any Home FZ LLC, (license number 11296/2017) incorporated in the Fujairah, United Arab Emirates, PO Box 4422

S A H Real Estate Broker Owned LLC, (Licence 783083) carries out real estate buying and selling brokerage, United Arab Emirates, PO Box 282071, Dubai, United Arab Emirates - ORN#19215


- The price valuations given through our website SellAnyHome.com are valuations based upon the information on the Home you give us.It is not a price offer from us to buy your Home.

- Before we present any offer on your Home we always conduct an on-site evaluation of the Home at your home.You can make an appointment for an evaluation after you have received a price estimate (valuation).

- The value of a Home is determined by its history and respective condition.This includes unusual features as well as customization, which may not have been apparent to us when we estimated the value online.Thus, the online valuation will differ from the price that is offered following an on-site evaluation.


- We present you with an offer to buy your Home for a price after we carried out an on-site evaluation.

- Any offer to purchase the home, and thus the contract, is only effective between you and the buyer and only if and when you and the buyer sign the contract after the evaluation.The contract will be subject to these terms and conditions.

- We will then continue with the deregistration process of the home, where we will need your cooperation as agreed in the purchase agreement.

- Sell Any Home also offers selected Home buyers the opportunity to sell Homes via Sell Any Home, which have been offered and sold by third parties to those buyers. We hereby conduct a visual Home evaluation and generate an evaluation report along the evaluation guidelines given by Sell Any Home.This evaluation report then has to be uploaded into the system of Sell Any Home.The buyer will receive login credentials accordingly. For the execution of the purchase agreement between the buyer and Sell Any Home the provisions of these terms and conditions apply accordingly.

A disclosure of system access or login credentials to third parties is not permitted.


- When you have signed and accepted the offer for your home, the standard process of title deed transfer and payment routes will apply.


- If we present you with an offer for your Home, we will be relying upon your representation that: you are legally capable of entering into a binding contract to sell the Home; you are at least 18 years old; and to the best of your knowledge, information and belief: you are the sole owner of the Home; other than in respect of any finance outstanding on the Home, which you have disclosed to us, no person has any claim to the Home; you have disclosed to us all matters which a prudent purchaser would want to know about, such as physical defects in the Home (e.g. material problems, damage); all information supplied by you in respect of the Home (whether in obtaining an online valuation, at any appointment or otherwise) is true and accurate in all respects; and the Home is registered in the United Arab Emirates.


- Even though a Home has finance against it from an agreement of you and a third party, the buyer may agree to present an offer for it.That is only, if the buyer receives a written statement from the third party of the amount required to settle the finance agreement in full.

- The buyer will only pay the very sum to a third party to which the buyer agreed with you in written contract.The buyer will make such payment as soon as it is reasonably practicable after he enters into the contract and following receipt of any sum due from you under the conditions below.

If the price is:

higher than the settlement figure required to fully settle any sum outstanding under any finance agreement the buyer will pay you the difference; or lower than the settlement figure required to fully settle any sum outstanding under any finance agreement you must pay us the difference.

- The buyer reserves the right to withhold a certain percentage to cover hidden fees, which might arise during clearance of your outstanding amount to the third party.The buyer will return the withheld amount to you, if there were no hidden fees or additional charges.


- We will not be responsible or liable to you for any loss of income or revenue, loss of business, loss of profit, or loss of anticipated savings.However, this condition shall not prevent claims for loss of, or damage to, your physical property, which is caused by our gross negligence.

- Our maximum aggregate liability to you under or in connection with any contract with you shall not exceed the value of 1% or our commission charged.

- We do not exclude or limit in any way our liability for:

1) death or personal injury which we cause;

2) fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.


Every contract with us will be governed by UAE law and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the United Arab Emirates unless the physical evaluation of the Home takes place in a different country, in which case it will be governed by that respective country's law and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the country we operate in.


The information you give us for any online valuation and/or in entering into a contract, we may use for the purpose of making payment to you and in case we need to address any complaint.This we do in accordance with the terms of our Privacy Policy.Our Privacy Policy can be found above.


- The access and use of this website is only allowed for your personal, non-commercial purposes.This means this website may only be accessed and used directly by a private individual.It is strictly prohibited to access and use this website for anything other than for your personal, non-commercial purposes.

- The use of this website:

a) In any unlawful, fraudulent or commercial manner

b) To create, check, confirm, update, modify or amend your own or another person's databases, records or directories

c) Using any automated software, process, program, robot, web crawler, spider, data mining, trawling or other 'screen scraping' software, process, program or system is not permitted.

You are allowed to operate a link to this website provided you do so in a way that is fair and legal and does not damage our reputation or take advantage of it, as determined by us. - To operate a link to this website in such a way as to suggest or imply any form of association, approval or endorsement by us is not permitted. - We reserve the right to require you to immediately remove any link to this website at any time and we may withdraw any linking permission at any time.


Assumptions we will make about your Home:

- It has no damage, including interior and exterior.

- It has no foundation or behind the walls issues

Wear and tear:

We are assuming that your Home is in fair wear and tear, meaning that your Home is in average condition for its respective age.Furthermore, we are assuming that there are no major faults.Fair wear and tear does not prevail in case of damage added by you.

On-site Evaluation:

We always carry out an on-site evaluation of a home before we find an offer, considering that not all customers are experts in the appraisal of Homes.The offer presented after the evaluation will differ from the online price estimate, because any aspect of its history or condition affects its value.This includes any unusual feature or customization, which could not have been apparent to us when we gave the online valuation.


We collect standard internet log information and details of visitor behavior patterns through the use of cookies when you visit SellAnyHome.com.We do this to find out things such as the number of visitors to the various parts of the site.We collect this information anonymously.We will not associate any data gathered from this site with any personally identifying information from any source.

This page tells you the terms and conditions on which we may purchase a Home from you.We will not purchase homes, which cannot be considered to be Homes.Before requesting any appointment with us to sell a Home, please read the conditions thoroughly.You agree to be bound by the conditions, should you wish to sell the property. This terms & conditions was last updated on 05.08.2017.

Contact Us

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding our services we are happy to receive your inquiry at info@sellanyhome.com.Please check whether we have already covered the topic of your question in our FAQ-section on our website.If not, please do not hesitate to enquire about any topic.We would also be very happy if you would want to provide us with positive feedback.

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