SellAnyHome.com is the latest way to sell your home fast. Whereas the traditional model lasts from weeks to months on average, SellAnyHome.com is committed to give you an in no time! Our free home evaluations are done by our offer consultants. They ensure a fast, convenient, and reliable sale for your home at the best price.
The average time of the sales process of a home ranges from weeks to months. We aim to provide the seller with a realistic offer in no time! Our technology-driven algorithm combined with the extensive knowledge and experience of our real estate professionals, ensures a smooth sales process of your home.SellAnyHome.com removes the stressful tasks of trying to sell your home.

- SellAnyHome.com offers:

- Instant estimate valuation online

- Offers within a short time in our weekly flash sales

- Hassle free transfer

The entire valuation service is free and fast. The first step includes our online valuation tool, that will present you a current approximate value for your home. You simply submit some basic information about your home in the tool and within less than 5 seconds, we generate an approximate value. This data varies from district, size in square feet, or number of bedrooms.
After you get your approximate value, you can make an appointment with one of our offer consultants, who will visit you at a date of your choice. After a thorough 100-point check, the offer consultant uploads the information to our system and it get included into our weekly flash sales.
SellAnyHome.com is currently only available in Dubai. However, within Dubai, we do not recognize any borders and are open for all types of homes in every area. Our large group of offer consultants and our use of technology enables us to operate in every district in Dubai. Whether you have a home in Downtown Burj Khalifa, International city, the palm or Dubai marina, SellAnyHome.com is the place to go to get a Fast, Free and Easy experience.
Requesting an evaluation is very simple, just go to our website and find our online valuation tool on the homepage. You can submit all the data of your home into the tool, and you will receive your estimated target price. Then it allows you to make an appointment with one of our offer consultants. He/she will visit you to complete the home evaluation or as we call it the 100-point check.
Naturally, we would take renovations or other value adding features into account. We request you to prepare all the necessary documents about the alterations and present them to the offer consultant during the visit.
SellAnyHome.com is incredibly cost-effective compared to traditional real estate agencies. This is solely due to our high deal flow and our ability to scale using technology. The evaluation process, that happens online as well as at your physical home, are free of charge, and free of obligations.
We have reduced the length of the home sales process to only a few days. We consider the traditional way of a week- or even month-long process on average to be long overdue, and are ready for change.
When your home needs any serious repairs, we will take it into consideration when evaluating your home. The partners and investor pool will of course take that into account when making an offer.
Once you have accepted the offer from our offer consultant, we will begin the transfer process and work with you along the way to ensure the process is as seamless as possible.
We are not in charge of what the buyer decides to do with your home.
Once the contracts are signed, the buyer will transfer money to the bank through the registration trustee which is there to ensure all amounts due are paid to the relevant parties (If there is any profit left after the remaining mortgage is paid off, naturally that will be transferred to you, and you will be free to use it for anything up to your liking.
There is no set date that you will need to move out, and it will be determined in agreement with the buyer.
It is entirely up to you and the buyer, typically built in appliances are expected to be left behind, though again, its always a discussion with buyers.
Yes you can. There are many forms of agreements you have with agents but typically such agreements do not prohibit you from selling a property.
The SellAnyHome.com offer consultants are RERA certified real estate experts who will be on-site with you capturing your home data (picks and ticks) and taking photos.
SellAnyHome.com is the right place for you to sell your investment! We offer you a lot of flexibility. Timing is key to enjoy a profitable sale of your investment, and we are more than happy to assist you.

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