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Free Online House Valuation!
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The art of home valuation. No one wants to sell their home for less than it is actually worth. On the other hand, no one wants to wait months to sell their home either. Both cases are often caused by an incorrect valuation. Undervaluation will lead to a sale less than its actual value, and overvaluation will cause long waiting times, which may force the seller to adjust his/her price. To avoid an incorrect valuation of your home, you must have it evaluated professionally. Only an expert can consider every detail― from location to bathroom style―and come up with the perfect price. At, we specialize in evaluating and selling any type of housing anywhere in Dubai. You can easily assess the target price of your home by submitting realistic data into our online evaluation tool. We commit to providing you with a professional, customized and fair evaluation. After you receive the target price, you can invite one of our professional offer consultants to prepare a detailed evaluation. At whatever price, we commit to providing you with an offer.

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Free Online House Valuation! No registration required!

​Fast sale of homes in Dubai International City area.

Dubai International City (DIC) is a melting pot of nationalities and cultures making Dubai cosmopolitan. Spread over an enormous 800-hectare plot, it offers a wide range of business activities, retail opportunities and tourist attractions that go hand-in-hand with the residential features. DIC is located in the Al Warsan region of Dubai along the Dubai-Hatta road and 9 kilometers from the Dubai International Airport as well as 15 minutes drive from the center of the city. DIC consists of 6 key areas: the Central District, Dubai Design Centre, the Dragon Mart, the Residential District, Lakes District and the Forbidden City. offers free online evaluations and a home visit in this area. Sell your home within minutes via our marketplace.

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Free Online House Valuation! No registration required!


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