Free Online House Valuation!
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Free Online House Valuation!
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We have cut the time of a home sales process down to less than a day, including a free evaluation! You can start with our online estimate valuation by entering the data into our valuation tool on our website. you can then schedule an appointment with one of our offer consultants who will visit you and evaluate your home in a process we themed “picks and ticks”.


Requesting an evaluation is very simple, just go to our website and find our online valuation tool on the homepage. You can submit all the data of your home into the tool, and you will receive your estimated target price. Then it allows you to make an appointment with one of our offer consultants. He/she will visit you to complete the home evaluation or as we call it the 100-point check. Immediately after the 100-point check, the offer consultant then uploads the information to our app and within 30 minutes you will receive a formal binding offer.

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Free Online House Valuation! No registration required!

Unfurnished Homes Are Easy To Sell

When you want to sell your home, you will recognize that selling it without furniture will be most likely welcomed by any potential buyers. It is an advantage because the disposal of the furniture is an additional effort that saps energy and money. Most buyers want to bring in their own furniture or want to lease the home to someone else without furniture for legal reasons. An exception to this are students who prefer furnished apartments, although they are less likely to buy than to rent. To sell your home quickly and at the best price, you need to determine the proper value without furniture. The right price influences the success of the sale. Benefit from our free evaluation service and have your home evaluated quickly, easily and conveniently by our expert offer consultants.

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Free Online House Valuation! No registration required!


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