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Reasons Why Hotel Apartments Dubai Sports City are Good for Families


Planning your next trip as a family is not one of the easiest things to do. You don’t just have to worry about how much to save, what to pack and the air tickets, but also, and very important, where to stay. For ages, hotels have been the most suitable options, which is no longer the case for family travelers. Instead, hotel apartments Dubai Sports City are the ideal options compared to hotel rooms.

Hotel Apartments Dubai Sports City

Your children’s school holidays should never be the same again. Offer them an experience of a lifetime and use that opportunity to bond and even advise them about life. Dubai Sports City is a unique concept that allows sports lovers to watch their favorite sports and even play. Help your kids discover their passion for sports by staying in hotel apartments in Sports City during the holiday by enrolling them in one of the many sports academies there. Here are some more reasons why hotel apartments are suitable for families.


Space is important when traveling. Your children shouldn’t feel as if they are in some unique setting which they have to adapt to with time. Most hotel apartments in Sports City Dubai come in different shapes and sizes, ideal for any family size; from studios to even three-bedroom apartments. Your family will have some space they can own and feel more comfortable in a different city. Some have communal spaces such as different dining area and lounge, allowing the family to enjoy and relax. This is unlike the hotels where rooms are all squeezed together and the family may end up in separate rooms.

Mealtime Will Remain The Same

There is a lot that happens at the dining table. You get to know how each other’s day was, challenges faced and any plans for the future. This is a family culture that you shouldn’t break simply because you are on a vacation. With hotel apartments Dubai Sports City you are free to prepare your own meals in completely equipped kitchens. Buy a recipe book and try local cuisines as a family. Some children have special meal requirements or are allergic to some spices. You don’t want to leave a restaurant and head straight to the hospital because of an allergic reaction. Avoid that by preparing your meals as best as you know about each family member’s preferences. Furthermore, restaurants are a bit more expensive compared to home-prepared meals. Save the extra coin and use to shop around for goodies.

Family Comfort

Truth be said, some hotel rooms are amazingly beautiful. The king-size beds with their colorful beddings and serene settings may make you fall in love with them. Well, that is only so before you get a feel of hotel apartments Sports City. You want to feel home away from home, then serviced apartments will guarantee precisely that. You will have special cushions and other accessories to ensure that you get that homely feel. Proprietors of these facilities understand what people want and go an extra mile to meet and exceed their expectations.

With a complete kitchen, living area and separate bedrooms for kids and parents, the family bond are not broken at all. You can still maintain the family routines such as specific sleeping times, dinner time and breakfast time. Just stick to your routines and don’t break the norm. Changing that is likely to affect the young ones. The homely feeling doesn’t take away the fact that you are on holiday; you can still various special perks just to make your stay more comfortable. Quite a number have an on-call maid and can help with your laundry even as you have the option to do that on your own.

Strategic Locations

Did you know a sizeable number of hotel apartments Dubai Sports City are very close to some of the best attractions in Dubai? Stay within the heart of the real action and keep your days busy. Enjoy the views from the comfort of your home and experience a unique shopping experience within walking distances from the apartments. You can watch an evening game as a family, have a quiet dinner in the evening and spend the day sightseeing the magnificent Dubai.

More Affordable

It can be expensive to travel as a family. You have to book air tickets for all family members, reserve hotels and worry about meals. Unlike hotels that charge everything per person (unless you make special arrangements), hotel apartments in Sports City Dubai charge for the whole unit irrespective of the number of people, though some may have an upper limit. Payments can be made based on the duration of stay, which offers you the comfort and peace of mind to enjoy the stay without worries.

Privacy and Entertainment

With serviced apartments, your family’s privacy is enhanced. You don’t have to meet people in corridors maybe every time you need to pick something from the restaurant. Some apartments have gone a step further to take care of your entertainment needs by proving free WiFi connectivity, TV, and DVD players. That way, you can always watch a movie after an involving day of sightseeing.  Later, you can enjoy your favorite drink in the bedroom when the kids are asleep. There are some that even have a well-equipped gym for those who would like to exercise and other facilities such as swimming pools for the children.

Your experience in a hotel apartments Dubai Sports City will never be the same again. You can only enjoy as much as you ask for. Make smart decisions by ensuring that you carefully research the available options before booking. Ideally, that should be done weeks before you travel. To save more money, feel free to ask for an early-booking discount and take advantage of coupons and other promotions. Your holiday in DSC will never be the same again and your memories will live forever. Give your kids the best of life in your next by staying in a serviced apartment in DSC; they deserve it for sure.


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