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Palm Jumeirah - Experience the Extraordinary


Breathtaking Palm islands of Dubai are considered as one of the wonders of the world. Dubai has made a position in technology; it’s not only known for oil and petroleum refineries but is also known for amazing engineering. Dubai has become an amazing touristic destination and is world known for residential and commercial projects around the world. Dubai has worked on ambitious projects and has added hundreds of km of the beach in the city. Palm tree development is a tribute to ‘Cherished date tree’, has a trio and is named as Palm Jumeirah -> Palm Jebel Ali -> Palm Deira. The palm trilogy was developed by Nakheel.

The project started in 2001. Palm Jumeirah is smallest among the three Palm Islands; it’s situated in Jumeirah coastal area. It has a two-kilometer trunk with a crown having 17 fronds and surrounded crescent. Jumeirah Palm Island has a residential area and retreat. There are more than 4000 villas and beautiful spacious apartments giving most refreshing and sea view having luxurious facilities such as gym, pool, restaurants, etc. Here you will find world-class hotels and resorts, which make it the best destination. Amazing view of Persian Gulf makes it hottest spot for people who love beauty and nature, who doesn’t want to invest in Palm Jumeirah apartments. Man-made island design has phases we talked about – trunk, crown, and Fronds of the Palm tree. So let’s see how these phases explain about different features.

First Phase - If you are a beach view lover and would like to have a beachside home - Jumeirah Palm Apartments do invest in ‘Trunk’ phase. The truck phase property is most admired as it has Luxurious homes and apartments. Most known projects on the phase include:

The Fairmont Palm Residence, The Fairmont Palm Hotel, and Resort, Shoreline Apartments, Trump International Hotel, Marina Residence, Urban chic loft apartments, The Golden Mile, etc.

The second phase – Crown or the Crescent of the Palm tree – here you have dazzling residences and posh hotels such as Jumeirah Al Fattan Palm Resort, The Taj Exotic resort, and Spa, The Grandeur Residencies, etc.

Third phase – Fronds of Plan tree has beautiful beachside residential villas, townhomes and luxurious apartments.

All these properties include swimming pools, gym, health clubs, retail market, plan area for children’s, sports club, resorts and spa and many more things. To have a property in Palm Jumeirah is just like a dream from people who like to live life in king size – luxury with nature is the basic concept.

Investors or seller who wants to can know about ‘Palm Jumeirah apartments’, simply check online the best real estate agents to check ‘palm Jumeirah apartments for sale’.

There are so many amenities in Palm Jumeirah that you won’t be able to search for apartments on your own. A real estate agent has to be well reputed when you have thought to have ‘Apartments on Palm Jumeirah’ or need to know ‘the Palm Jumeirah apartments for sale’. Each apartment has designed differently, when we talk about the style of a property, here you can find Amazing styles like Contemporary, Italian, Mexican, Arabic, European, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Spanish, etc. Nakheel has given his 100% efforts in this project by providing different style to live in as you wish to live to like at the same place, isn’t it amazing.

Ask you Property representative to take you to a tour of the Palm tree to understand about the three phases and as per your requirement, he will make the recommendation. The royal residence like Shoreline apartments – has a high standard and fully furnished apartments. The kitchen area is designed in an opened way to give more open space and it's fully integrated with appliances. There is a beautiful park view and spacious bedrooms and bathrooms along with a large balcony and has a jogging track. Some apartment has the benefit of Maid room which you can also use as a laundry room.

Palm – locality line has Urban chic loft apartments – they are architecturally designed and are fully furnished – having windows dressed in sheer fabric giving it a warm shade. You can get a choice of the duplex apartment too and here you have a waterfront view. Having your own house/apartment in Palm Jumeirah is not more than a dream. With the palm tree city itself, you will get each and everything, you don’t need to go anywhere else. Just within a few minutes of walk from any residency, you can get Supermarket, spa, restaurants, etc.jumeirah apartments

If you are passionate about the beach and nature and wanted to invest in the best property, do visit Palm Jumeirah at first place. Search online ‘Palm Jumeirah apartments for sale’ and you will get a long list of apartments with all detail of structure, a number of bedrooms, space, and interior, furnished or not, etc. Palm Jumeirah is the best property and attract foreign investors too. Dubai has made the world shocked with its amazing development and still work is going on new projects. Think of a city that is located on Sea – design engineers and Nakheel team has done a marvelous job. Who could have thought of having own Apartment, own villa, own a small island on the sea? The greatest development of World in every manner is the Palm Tree.

The government has changed some property law some years back and that has attracted the overseas investors to deal in Dubai. Dubai is one of the highest salary paid countries with no tax policy. Investors from overseas can also purchase property here and has to pay taxes only once. One can get Mortgage from the overseas bank also. The process of buying or selling is simple in Dubai and it completes within 30 days. Palm Jumeirah is the smallest island with 4000 residencies and Villas, Contact your real estate agent and ask for ‘Apartments on Palm Jumeirah’, check out the amazing view ofthe island on the internet, it will definitely take your heart away. Real estate agents are your God, when you are searching for palm jumeirah apartments for sale. Good property manager will guide you about the best property around and will help you negotiate and will make a good deal between both the parties.


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