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Meydan Villas – Tips For First Time Home Buyers in Dubai


Meydan villas are situated in a developing community that would later grow to be Dubai’s focal point with many residential apartments for workers of Emirates Airport and other interested individuals. On one side of the Al Alin and Mohammad Zayed expressway, Meydan towers is a growing 950,000 square meter bubbling neighborhood. Each of the Meydan city villas has 3,200 square feet, with various duplexes and flats. The luxurious interiors give a big and spacious living area. Meydan heights also have an exclusive club for residents and a public domain for daily needs. Not only do Meydan villas Dubai give a wide array of alternatives in all facets of life, it is a lovely place to enjoy conveniently and a serene daily life. There is some alternative villa for sale in Meydan Dubai, as residing in a Villa neighborhood is indeed a privilege and favorite, as these villas come with considerable space, ease, and privacy. Albeit, immediately you have decided to purchase a Villa in Meydan city, you might be overwhelmed in the myriads of factors that you must look into.

Here, we outline essential tips to consider when purchasing Meydan city villas.

Neighborhood of the Villa

If you want to buy property in Meydan villas for the first time, you need to mind the immediate proximity of the apartment you want to buy. For instance, if you would not want high traffic in your neighborhood, you might be considering Murjan Towers 2 and 3 which are also the high-end skyscrapers in the area. You will do well to look into the closeness of public transport facilities like the Dubai rail stations. Is a car park close to the apartment? What is the proximity of the villa for sale in Meydan Dubai facilities like Meydan One Mall. If you are married with kids, look for the nearby elementary schools in Meydan city where you can enroll your kids. Also, find out the nearest pharmacy to you. The health center of the neighborhood, the mini-market, gas station and other facilities that you will need. Besides, most Meydan villas in sale neighborhoods have their retail shop with some selling points all through the region. In your Meydan villas search, you will see many types of vicinity like the Meydan one tower, sports area and a host of others with luxurious, comfortable apartments and aesthetically pleasing landscape. Make inquiries on the incidence crime wave in the area, and if there are individual taxes, they pay for convenience in the area. Moreover, it is advisable to look carefully at the neighborhood. Investigate the age group and income variations. What is the dominant income type in the area? Perhaps you are buying uncompleted Meydan city villas from a developer, the reputation of the developer, physical strength and of the construction, and the asking price of the villa should be enough to preempt what the real market value will look like.

Integrity of the Developer

Another tip that assists you as a first-timer in the purchase of villas for sale in Meydan Dubai is the quality of the villas he has sold in the time past. In this case, it is the Meydan Group that developed most parts of Meydan City apartments, and they have produced several of such development all over Dubai in time past. However, you still might want to investigate their past projects and how they respond to issues after properties might have been purchased.  Although a professional real estate developer will do more than merely selling the Meydan villas for sale to you, they will attend to all your demands and help you chose the ideal property for you. When purchasing Meydan villas from the developers, it is advisable you first of all conduct some inquiries. Let those who have bought apartments at the Meydan city lead you to trusted developers with good track records. Nonetheless, the major real estate developers in the Meydan city villas are Emaar, Damac and Dubai properties.

The Structural Soundness of the Villa

What distinguishes a top real estate developer from baby ones is the type of Meydan city villas that they bring to the market. Within the Meydan Free Zone, where you can buy Meydan villas, the quality of each building varies. While some villas for sale in Meydan Dubai are built as shell and inner units, some are preferably designed with high-end materials, with tile floor finishing, wall décor, hi-tech kitchen gadgets, compact home appliances and quite some more. If you feel you cannot ascertain the structural strength of the villa you are about to purchase, the Meydan city has many surveying firms you can get within the neighborhood to assist you in assessing it before purchase.

Size of the Villa

Another thing buyers need to take note of when they want to buy Meydan villas is the possibility of demand for housing increasing. Before purchasing any villa in Meydan city consider factors like the newly-built Meydan Walk that blends the monumental Grandstand and the Meydan Hotel. These are structures that could draw population in future time and increase the demand for housing. So, it is best that you look for Meydan villas for sale with all self-contained rooms with at least four bedrooms that can fit in if there is an increase in demand for housing in the particular neighborhood in Meydan city. A very spacious villa in the Meydan city indisputably adds to a better standard of living and secures a more comfortable family life.

Good Unhindered View

While considerations for the view when you want to buy Meydan city villas might sound quite trivial, but then remember this is where you will be staying for years, most probably. Added to this is the fact that Meydan villas have so many adjoining waterfront developments, Emirates Airlines, hotels like the Meydan Hotel, Meydan Golf and downtown Dubai that you will want to see. As such, in your search for Meydan villas Dubai to purchase, it is essential to consider if your view will not be obstructed in that villa. A beautiful flow of cool flowing creek and reinvigorating lushness of vegetations or silver-lined cloud refreshes the mind, adds some glamour to the daily routine and eases out the stress of workplace.

Service Fees

Always know that regardless of the neighborhood you want to purchase your Meydan villas from in the Meydan city, there will still be time-to-time monthly or annual dues to pay and service dues which will be for the upkeep of the neighborhood. All over the Mohammad Bin city, the Meydan city inclusive, the charges on maintaining villas is not as much as those of apartments, but all the same, you will do well to earmark some money for the services dues. Similarly, when checking out the Meydan community for a Villa for sale in Meydan Dubai, make sure that the maintenance agency that the neighborhood contracts is reliable. Inquire about how often they do schedule maintenance and frequency of cleaning the hood.


Meydan villas are prime locations for investors who want to attain the maximum return on their investment by buying a villa in the community. With some shopping facilities, hotels, recreational areas, business apartments and oceanfront buildings, you are at the right place if you are a first-time buyer who wants to invest in Meydan city.


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