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Meydan Villas – Most happening place in heart of Dubai


Dubai has become most happening and the favorite place for tourist in the World. Meydan city was a dream vision of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of UAE, and Ruler of Dubai. He covers 47 million square feet of the prime location in heart of Dubai. The project was initiated to develop not only a horseracing venue but also an interconnected city where sports, business and cosmopolitan can indulge together. ‘Meydan’ is an Arabic name which means Meeting place and based on concept Meydan was designed, four districts places Meydan Racecourse, Meydan Horizon, Meydan Godolphin, and Meydan Metropolis are integrated and located in the Heart (center) of Dubai.

Meydan is shaped in the heart of Dubai and is one destination for Sport, business, and lifestyle. Meydan city serves the main purpose of high standard living Meydan Villas, the city has horse racing tracks, Meydan Museum, golf course and entertainment utilizes. The main amenities for residents and visitors in Meydan city are:

  • Town Club
  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Health Clubs
  • Business Park
  • Jogging tracks
  • Fineness Centers
  • Spas
  • Pools
  • Community Center
  • Hotels
  • Museum
  • Shopping Area
  • Kids playing area

Meydan City has given a modern standard of living a new height of luxury. Meydan city has given premium lifestyle to thousands of residents with unbeatable amenities and nearby luxurious facilities include 711m tall Dubai One tower, indoor sports facility, Canal and a marina, Dancing foundation in a civic plaza, five-star hotel – what else is needed for a luxurious life. Meydan is known as Home of the richest horse race. Having such a fascinating city will attract the luxury lover.

If you are looking for premium lifestyle community do visit Meydan City Villas. The city is situated in the center of Dubai and everything is within your reach where you need to go to mosques and your children from school to the supermarket. Have you heard about the Meydan One Mall? It covers 131,150 square foot space, having 620 shops. It’s designed with smart technology having retractable skylight will indicate the destination for entertainment, shopping stores, etc. The mall is designed technically so for a particularly high-end brand you have a specific strip and you can follow that directly from your road. The skylight makes the Meydan One mall unique from other places as it indicates visitors the skylight to follow the root from 160 meters. Visitors are looking for the technology.

The largest dancing water fountain, Indoor Ski slope, Coat for football, basketball, volleyball, boxing, martial art, badminton, table tennis, golf court, Snowboarding are also the main attraction of Mall. Mall has 100+ food outlets and 21-cinema screen and has a parking space for 12,000 spaces.

Meydan Villas Dubai will take away your stress, the green shades around will give you mental peace. As you walk around, the natural beauty of the place will make you feel light and away from the world. It will clean your heart and soul, giving you space to connect to yourself. Thinking of greenery and peace with water body around – have you heard of such place in the middle of any city-state. Your answer will be NO. But such a place do exists. Away from dirt and pollution, a city full of life, entertainment and work to is situated in heart of Dubai – Meydan.

If you have money and thinking to invest in property or looking to buy a house in Dubai – make your destination – Meydan City Villa’s. On such royal places – good real estate agent or property manager is needed. Real estate agent!! Why? The answer is quite simple – You need to have knowledge about the area and what property is on sale, what the budget is? How is nearby (neighbors) atmosphere, what all facilities are available around, etc? Search for an agent and do talk with a 4-5 real estate agent to get an idea of Market price and on communication, what you feel has the comfort level with you and has good knowledge of the area you are looking for, go with them.

Search online for ‘Villa for sale in Meydan Dubai’ you will get a long list with all information about the villa – how many rooms are there, parking space, the design of villa, location around, etc. You can find three different Villas –Contemporary, Arabic and Mediterranean style – that reflect your taste and elegance. The ravishing look, ambiance around will make you fall in Love with your villa every day.

Meydan city villas one of the forms is Contemporary where the artwork is minimal, each piece has the perfect finish, elegant look, modern touch but in a sophisticated manner. You will look at the smoothness; Every villa has the light feeling which makes it royal.

Modern Arabic – as the name says – traditional look with a Modern twist. Interior has Arabic heritage and it makes it exclusive and attractive. Those Villa’s are specially designed for Modern art lover who needs to have culture touch and smooth and comfortable ambiance.

Mediterranean Villas – gives a decent look and world class surrounding and the interior and exterior look makes it light and it feels like more spacious.  You can have renovation or advancement in every way you wish your villa to have.

Meydan villas for sale are the attraction for property investors, High standard living person, business leaders and sports lover enthusiasts. Villas are on walking distance from Burj Khalif, The Mall One and Dancing Fountain and Crystal Lagoons. Meydan city residents have easy access to all routes from the central location.

Don’t give a second thought if you were thinking about ‘Meydan city Villas’ there can’t be any better day then today to contact a real estate agent to know what rates are there. Foreign investors are most indulging in the property, as it’s the best tourist and natural place that is developed by man – who worked on minor points to make it perfect in every manner. Visit the location with your real estate agent today and ask him about the best Villa for sale in Meydan Dubai. Don’t take decision instantly; visit each villa as each villa design is different from other and unique in every single manner.


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