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How to Estimate Prices for Palm Jumeirah Houses


It is important that you understand how the worth of your Palm Jumeirah houses before listing it on the market. Prices in the real estate industry are never static; they keep shifting upward or downward depending on various prevailing circumstances. Your estimates should, therefore, serve as a gauge but not necessarily the actual value of the house. Remember, most buyers will always want to negotiate the best deal even if whatever you are offering is among the best to choose from.

Statistics indicate that most owners of Palm Jumeirah houses for sale don’t mind selling their properties based on the fair value. To get to the transaction price, most sellers normally ask a slightly higher than the valuation price. This is entirely a seller’s decision depending on how they view the current market. However, if you get it wrong, your risk never stay for long in the market or sell for less than the actual market price. Assuming prices in the area are steadily rising, selling higher wouldn’t be a bad idea. But if the prices are gradually reducing, then you may want to consider a lower price so long as it is still value for money.

Prices for Palm Jumeirah Houses

The real estate market is dominated by agents ready to sell off any type of property at whatever price. Some serious agents make more money from commissions earned from selling properties such as the beach house Palm Jumeirah. This means that trusting them to sell the home will most likely see your house go fast and at the right price. They handle the whole transaction process from the onset to the end. They can as well help you set the ideal price for the property. However, you should be careful when discussing pricing with them. Note that they earn commissions calculated based on overall sales. As a result, some will encourage a higher price hoping that they will eventually pocket higher commissions. On the other hand, those after quick bucks will encourage a lower price knowing well that it will be an easy sell. Just be vigilant.

The agent will also take it upon themselves to advertise and market the Palm Jumeirah houses on sale using all available channels. They take the liberty to take potential buyers around the house, outlining why they should consider it. Thereafter, they prequalify potential buyers and only recommend a specific number. This way, you don’t waste a lot of time evaluating potential buyers since the number would since have been cut to size. If the deal is agreeable, they negotiate terms of purchase and work on the paperwork.

The most important thing to always bear in mind when using agents is that, conduct your own research. Ideally, contact not less than three different realtors for the houses for sale on the Palm Jumeirah. Getting them is not really a problem; they are all over. Make use of search engines or newspapers. Initial commitment is very important. Evaluate how fast they are available to start. If an agent appears too busy, then possibly he or she is just incompetent or very busy. While it is good to assume that busy ones are good at what they do, this is not always the case because some might have been trying to sell the same property for ages without real success. Therefore, go for someone who shows that they value your work and will not hesitate to get started.

Call an Appraiser

There is no harm in conducting your own evaluation of your Jumeirah Palm houses but that should strictly be used for estimation purposes. To get a more accurate valuation of your property, contact an appraiser. The physical evaluation of the house will enable the appraiser correct data about the property and guide you on pricing. Note that you can use the information to not only fix the price and sell the house as it is or choose to improve some areas and increase the price to accommodate the improvements. You are however urged to keep the costs for repairs at the bare minimum because there is no guarantee that you will recoup the cash upon the sale of the house anyway.


You can also make a close-to-accurate estimation of your property by identifying three or so similar properties in the locality. Note their asking price and also find out about the estimated rent for similar Palm Jumeirah houses. You can then calculate the average of the rent and asking prices for better estimations. Why should your property sell less than the neighbors? If there has been a recent successful sale, then you can use that as a benchmark. Nonetheless, some properties within the same localities tend to sell at a higher amount than others. An apartment under construction will definitely sell for less compared to a complete one of the same size and design. For accurate comparisons, ensure that the properties share characteristics; compare mangoes to mangoes and not mangoes to apples.

Make or Break Deal

Pricing can make or break a deal for the house for sale on Palm Jumeirah. It requires a lot of research and clear understanding of the market dynamics. It is tempting to try and handle the whole transaction unaided, but those who have used that path haven’t gone far. You will end up with property in the market for a very long time. The challenge about this is that buyers will start suspecting why no one wants to buy the property. On the other hand, when using a broker, be careful who you engage. Don’t create competition amongst them lest each one lists the same property on the same channels and end up losing the buyers’ trust.

With proper consideration and choice of the right realtor, you will sell your Palm Jumeirah houses with ease, at the right price, and to the right buyer. For the right deal, don’t appear to be desperate and in any rush. It doesn’t matter if you seriously need money; be patient and don’t push your real estate agents too far lest they make the wrong sale.


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