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Easy Ways To Find Apartments For Sale In Dubai Marina: Tips To Buyers


The decision to buy apartments for sale in Dubai Marina is one of the most profound and wise ones you can ever make in your life. Marina is one of the most sought-after areas in Dubai, the world’s leading real estate capital. The process can be exciting but exceedingly tedious and even intimidating. Some potential buyers have given up along the way and diverted their resources to other things. Some have ended up with apartments they don’t like, forcing them to sell them off to other interested buyers.

Apartments For Sale In Dubai Marina

Considering that you are about to invest a handsome amount of money into your Dubai Marina for sale, you have to be cautious. There is no room for mistakes because this is a lifetime investment where you shouldn’t take chances. You have to be well informed on what is trending in the industry and available price offerings. There is a lot of literature on the internet that can come in handy. Buy real estate magazines, visit leading websites and ask around from friends or real estate agents. Possibly, you borrowed the money from the banks and in as much as it is none of their business whether you like the house or not, they will definitely expect you to honor your repayment commitment diligently. Therefore, ensure that there are no loopholes. To help you make the right decision as you buy Dubai Marina for sale, discussed herein are a few tips that will come in handy to anyone. Be informed that this may vary from one person to another but they sure can be helpful.

What do you need?

What precisely are you searching for? What kind of apartments for sale in Dubai Marina are you interested in at the moment? Dubai has attracted some of the world’s best real estate investors and you can always expect different offerings in the market. Are you after a brand new apartment that has never been occupied before or you don’t mind a relatively older apartment so long as it is well maintained? Note that the decision here can also be determined by your budget. Newer apartments are slightly more expensive than brand new ones.

Are you okay with the neighborhood? This decision should be informed by available facilities such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, transport network that is reliable, among others. Generally, Dubai Marina apartments are well close to the aforementioned but some people may really not care so much about the nearest restaurants but value schools. Furthermore, if you are to sell that apartment in future, you should be sure to recoup your money because the value of housing generally appreciates with time but the rates vary from one area to another. As one of the fastest growing areas in Dubai, this really shouldn’t be a problem but you have to research and understand what it takes.

Future Plans

One of the biggest mistake most buyers of apartments for sale in Dubai Marina commit is the failure to think about the future. While you might really not need a big apartment at the moment, you need to think about the future. Assuming you have plans to start a family in a few years, you may not really need a one bedroom apartment at the moment. Who else do you plan to stay with? While a one bedroom may suit your current need, it will terribly fail to accommodate your family when you start having children.

Therefore, you should think about buying at least a three-bedroom house. Yes, you may not be able to afford that kind of house currently, but it is the most practical thing to do. It is either buys the small apartment with the hope that it will appreciate in value with time so that you can sell it off at a later date and use the money as a deposit for a bigger option. It is however not wrong to proceed with the purchase of a smaller apartment at the moment if that is all you can afford. Go ahead, you can lease it out or sell it later because your income might improve.

How Much Do You Have?

Dubai Marina apartments don’t come cheap. You will require a sizeable amount of money to buy property here. That is the reality. Therefore, even as you think about the above factors, it is prudent that you assess your finances. Don’t be overambitious. Avoid going for houses you cannot afford; doing that is as good as beckoning foreclosure a few years later. Just because you can afford higher financing doesn’t mean that you go for the most expensive because it might drain your finances. You still need some cash to survive in Dubai. There are bills to pay. Go for an apartment you can comfortably afford. An ideal strategy is to buy a house whose monthly repayment is equivalent to your current rent. If you find houses in Marina too expensive for you, there are other pocket-friendly neighborhoods you can consider.

One of the most common mistake most buyers of Dubai Marina for sale is not considering other charges. Mortgage repayment is just one expense you have to commit to. However, most of these houses have monthly maintenance charges, security and even parking costs. Find out how much you need to spare per month over the loan repayment. This way, you stand a higher chance of making the right decision without hurting your finances.

Get Hold Of A Real Estate Agent

As earlier mentioned, the whole process of buying apartments for sale in Dubai Marina is tedious. While it is easier for some people to assume that they can do it on their own, the reality is that it is a pretty complicated process. This is especially common for first-time buyers. The easiest way out is to engage the services of a real estate agency. They know the requirements to ensure that the process is smooth and you save a lot of time and money. Just make clear your expectations and leave the rest to them.

Considering the above tips will not all expedite your house hunting process, but save you time and money. All the best as you purchase your next Dubai Marina apartments.


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